Scary Movie 5: New Movie Release of 2013



scary movie 5



Scary Movie 5 (stylized as Scary MoⅤie) is an upcoming American horror comedy parody film, and the fifth film in the Scary Movie franchise. It is being distributed by Dimension Films, a division of The Weinstein Company. The film is directed by Malcolm D. Lee and written by David Zucker.[2] It is scheduled for theatrical release on April 12, 2013.[3]




Scary Movie 5 is the first installment of the franchise not to feature protagonists Cindy Campbell (played by Anna Faris) or Brenda Meeks (Regina Hall), who appeared in the first four movies. Like the previous two films in the franchise, Scary Movie 5 is rated PG-13.[4]



Happily-married couple Dan and Jody begin to notice some bizarre activity once they bring their newborn baby Aiden home from the hospital. But when the chaos expands into Jody’s job as a ballet dancer and Dan’s career as an Ape researcher, they realize their family is being stalked by a nefarious demon. Together, with the advice of certified experts and the aid of numerous cameras, they must figure out how to get rid of it before it’s too late.


Scary Movie 5:  New Movie Release of 2013

scary movie 5


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Scary Movie 5:  New Movie Release of 2013



scary movie 5


The film is directed by Lee and written by Zucker.[2] Faris, who starred in the previous films in the franchise, confirmed that she would not return for the fifth film.[13] Tisdale’s involvement in the film was confirmed in June 2012.[14][15]


Lohan and Sheen joined the cast on August 2012.[16][17] Terry Crews joined the cast on August 14, 2012.[18] Filming began in September 2012.[19][20] The first promotional image of the film, featuring Lohan and Sheen in the very first scene of the movie, was released on September 20, 2012.[21][22]


The only actors from any of the previous installments that appear in this film are Sheen, Elliott,[23] Rex, Wilkinson, and Shannon. However, they do not portray their original characters, as Sheen stars as himself, Rex plays Dan, Shannon plays Heather, Wilkinson is a slave, and Elliott’s character is unknown.


This is the only film in the entire Scary Movie franchise that does not feature any main characters from the previous films, Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris) or Brenda Meeks (Regina Hall).

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