Ravens Vs 49ers Outtakes

Ravens Defeats San Francisco and Become Superbowl Champs





Reporting From http://scores.espn.go.com:



NEW ORLEANS — Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens were turning the Super Bowl into a rout when, without even a flicker of warning, the power went off.



When the game resumed 34 minutes later, the San Francisco 49ers were the ones playing lights out.



Instead of a blowout, the blackout turned the big game into a shootout.



The Ravens survived the frenzied comeback by the 49ers for a thrilling 34-31 win at the Superdome on Sunday night and their second NFL championship in 11 years.



Ravens Vs San Francisco



The Ravens have already claimed one big award this weekend: NFL Play of the Year for this very special move by Ray Rice:




Ravens Win Super Bowl 34-31




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ravens vs 49ers

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