How to Win in MLM: The Three Things You Need

how to win in mlmHow to Win in MLM: The Three Things You Need


If you want to win in MLM there are some critical lessons you must learn.


I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine. Something he said stuck out in my head. He said “I don’t want to promote gurus anymore; I want to promote the small time marketers.”


Hmmm why would you want to promote a guru or a small time marketer in the first place?


See, there are only two reasons why someone would want to join you. It is either because they view you as a leader or you have a system that they can profit from.


If you want to succeed in this industry, you have to realize that success leaves clues.



In this post I’m going over the three critical things you need to win in MLM




You see when you calling your leads, if you possess confidence, you’ll avoid most common objections like how much money do you make or why should I join you. If you are not confident, people can sense that.


If you need the sale, people can sense that. Most people use the objection that they are a newbie and that is why they can’t position themselves as a leader. My question to you is how long you are going to be a newbie?


For example when you first went to high school, you were a complete newbie to that grade. But each day you learn something new. You had to do daily homework, quizzes, tests, and projects in order for you to become an expert at things you needed to know in that grade.


By the end of the grade, there was one final test. Once you were promoted from the 9th grade you were an expert, and you were off to the next grade.


The same thing applies to MLM. If you want to excel in this industry you must study, apply and repeat. People only join leaders. If you are afraid to develop the skills it takes to become a leader, how do you expect people to join you?




You see when I was first join this industry I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I mean I didn’t know anything about MLM. All I knew was my first primary company.


I ran across the magnetic sponsoring course by Mike Dillard. It is an awesome course and I learned a lot. But when I first read it some things didn’t make sense to me.


The course talks about people beating down you door with credit card in hand and no cold calling. At first I didn’t know the difference between cold calling and actually calling people who said yes give me more information.


So I didn’t understand why he said call the leads that come in the system, I surely didn’t know what to say to them. So I got back in the mlm industry again. More things made sense, read the course again, and understood some key points better.


I learned how to generate leads, but I wasn’t taught prospecting. So I was depending on my autoresponder to sign reps up.


Prospecting separate the leaders from the losers. If you do not call your leads, you are losing out on people who would have signed up. Some people need to know that you are a real person.


They have already proven that they like you by opting into your website. Now it is time to close the sale. For the last month or so I have been diving into prospecting. I link up with the best closers in the industry. The more I do it, the better I get at it. And you can do it too!


So if you want to win in MLM, you must learn the art of prospecting.


Proven Marketing System


A proven marketing system will help you win in MLM. Every industry leader has a marketing system that they use. They may be great at cold calling and walking up to people in shopping malls. But most people are not.


They understand the importance of having a marketing system in order to drive targeted prospects to them. When you get to a certain stage in your business, you are not going to be able to spend as much time with your new team members as you like.


So that’s why most people use a system, including leaders such as Mike Dillard.


The most important reason to use a system online is because 90 percent of people online that you come in contact with already have a business.


So by shoving your biz down their throat, you are disrespecting that person. But 95% of all network marketers are failing. By marketing a system you are solving three greatest problems which are lack of leads, lack of cash flow, and lack of duplication.


As you can see it is possible to win in MLM as long as you possess the correct posture, know how to prospect, and have a proven marketing system

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